There are many reasons I make a bad blogger. For one, I write slowly, and much of what I write is tough to read until it’s been revised and revised again, put through the rock tumbler of my brain for days or weeks or months. Also, I’m wary about taking on a writing project that might suck away precious time that I could be working on stories, poems, songs–basically writing that isn’t blogolalia.

But I’ve set up this site anyway because a few people have asked me where they can find my writing. So, here it is: The Subway Test. This is, as George Carlin so wisely put it, a place for my stuff.

Welcome to The Subway Test. I hope (and predict) it will remain a small-batch site for my friends and family. But if a stranger comes here, curious about a story I’ve written and hoping to find another, I consider you my friend, too.