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I was invited recently to join Curious Fictions, a platform for short fiction on the web. And, while I’m likely to keep writing for the magazine and podcast circuit, Curious Fictions does seem like a sweet place for me to drop my stories, especially those pieces that are hard to find elsewhere.

As I was thinking about an inaugural story for my Curious Fictions profile,
I immediately landed on one of my favorite first pieces: “So-Sz.”
I first sent the story out for publication ten years ago this month. The story
appeared in a wonderful little web magazine, 5923 Quarterly , which
folded not long after, perhaps coincidentally. “So-Sz” has been out
of print and unavailable since then.

I’ve always had a soft spot for this story. It’s one of my earliest efforts
at short fiction that struck me as mostly successful. And, while I am a better
writer today than I was ten years ago, there’s not a great deal I would change about the piece.

I was also reminded of “So-Sz” by the most recent Laika movie, Missing
. Hopefully you’ll see some similarities (and differences) as well.

So, without further ado, I invite you to click over to Curious Fictions to
see the 10th Anniversary Edition of one of my favorite journeyman efforts: “So-Sz.”

Photo Credit: Steve Rotman; Art Credit: Some Awesome Graffitist